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insurance brokers Birmingham, insurance brokers London, risk management insurance brokers Birmingham, insurance brokers London, risk management insurance brokers Birmingham, insurance brokers London, risk management
Birmingham: + 44 (0) 121 452 8450
London: + 44 (0) 207 983 9039
Leominster: + 44 (0) 156 831 3313
Kidderminster: + 44 (0) 1562 215215
Dudley: +44 (0) 1384 900500
Leicester + 44 (0) 116 303 3372

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Rail Insurance Specialists

Rail insurance specialists are few and far between.  That is a fact.  Jobson James is one of the few insurance brokers in the UK that is run by rail people for rail people.  It sounds simple – but it is true.

We would say this wouldn’t we.  However, the risk of using an insurance provider with limited, or no, rail experience is perhaps best illustrated in this sad, but totally true, anecdote that came to us recently.

The business was a single employee one.  He had worked in the rail industry for over 20 years working directly for a national rail company and principle contractors.  His corporate insurance was provided by a company with foundations in the Agricultural sector.

The individual was hurt on a rail contract site.  As the business was his own limited company, he could not make a liability claim against the employer.  He was also unable to make a claim against the contractor who awarded him the work as the insurance cover secured was inadequate.

Due to lack of rail context and understanding, his insurance company had failed to explain the detail of the Public liability insurance to him.  They also failed to identify that he should have had Personal Accident Cover due to the nature of his business.

After a decade of worry and litigation, the claimant has unfortunately learned at first hand, and the hard way, the importance of using a rail insurance specialist.

At Jobson James, we demonstrate our expertise and capability through our strong, dedicated track record and our RISQS accredited services.  We know the industry and we know its challenges.  We do not use ‘off the shelf’ packages or quote based on a standard data set of company information.

Make sure you are not running unknown risks on a daily basis due to inadequate cover for the nature of your work.




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Rail Live

‘Rail Live’ is rapidly becoming a key date in the rail industry calendar.  This year, over 160 exhibitors gathered at Long Marsden in Warwickshire to show off their latest products, equipment and services.

The difference with this exhibition is that, as the name implies, everything is done in a ‘live’ environment. There are a number of live ‘on track’ demonstrations from all disciplines within the rail sector.

Visitors come from both the UK and overseas.  They include representatives from ROSCO to infrastructure contractors and technology providers to plant operators.  The range of organisations at Rail Live 2015 was truly multi-disciplinary.

Rail has been a real growth area for Jobson James in recent years.  We now work commercially with nearly 100 companies, spanning a wide range of activities within the rail sector. Our success is down to our understanding of the rail industry.  We are rail enthusiasts and so can help, with authority, organisations manage their risks.  We also reduce insurance premiums through our pro-active management approach.

Jobson James Rail Live 2015Track maintenance


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Prospering rail businesses looking to specialist broker Jobson James Rail for assurance with insurance

Many rail companies are seeing a new dawn for the UK’s railway industry, one lined with equal amounts of opportunity and risk.

That opportunity however needs to be correctly insured with right cover and rail infrastructure businesses are recognising the need for specialist rail insurance knowledge.

Insurance broker Jobson James Rail has seen a surge in companies looking for insurance packages tailored to meet their needs; reducing their premiums while ensuring the best possible cover from a broker that really understands the rail industry and the specific risks they face.

“There is recognition now that specialist and bespoke insurance packages are vitally important as more and more work becomes available to businesses operating in the rail industry, Keven Parker, director of Jobson James Rail, said.

“In years gone by companies have taken their insurance premiums at face value and simply accepted that the outlay is higher due to the nature of the works they undertake. Now, they are beginning to wake up and see that insurance is a key investment to be carefully assessed on a bespoke basis rather than a routine expense for an off the shelf product.”

Through Keven’s rail industry experience, Jobson James is able to secure the best possible insurance package for rail businesses by understanding the very specific rail risks associated with the works each of them carry out.

This knowledge and understanding is often foreign to the larger, more mainstream insurance providers, leading to higher than necessary premiums and cover with critical exclusions.

Jobson James Rail writes a bespoke presentation about every client to put forward the best possible case to insurance providers in order to secure the most cost-effective cover for its client. It has saved more than £100,000 on annual premiums for some of its clients.

The demand for Jobson James Rail’s services is highlighted by the rate at which it is winning work. At the time of writing it had just secured seven new clients in the last 7 working days ranging from rail trade associations to rail civil engineering companies with more on the horizon.

Keven said: “We are here to fill the void between rail businesses and insurers to ultimately ensure that not just the improvement of safety standards across the industry is recognised but also the ongoing investment rail companies have made in safety and training and this should lead to lower premiums.

“On numerous occasions I have seen healthy and sustainable businesses hurt due to the fact they did not have adequate insurance cover or they did not have access to a claims specialist by us to help them challenge and defend injury claims and protect their claims record when the accident may not have been their fault.

“Times are definitely changing. We are seeing an upturn in investment in the UK’s railways and with that comes more opportunities for rail businesses to prosper. Safeguarding that prosperity is where we can help and keep their insurance costs low and left the rail companies management team to grow their business in the knowledge that they have a rail expert insurance broker managing the risk and insurance relationship professionally .”

Jobson_James_Prospering Rail Businesses_Pic

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It’s all in the presentation

‘Our work is the presentation of our capabilities’. Those are the words of 18th Century English historian and former MP Edward Gibbon. More than 250 years later and they remain applicable, especially within the rail insurance market.

In order to secure the best insurance premiums and the most relevant cover, businesses must showcase their capabilities of mitigating risks. That could be through highlighting accreditations, safety records or policies and procedures.

As Gibbon’s words allude to, the importance of presenting these capabilities is paramount and that was is where Jobson James Rail can help.

Typically, a client will require cover for assets such as rolling stock, premises, machinery, tools, stock and materials as well as statutory risks like employers’ liability and third-party liability. They may also require professional indemnity insurance, which covers customer’s financial loss claims arising from negligent advice.

We pride ourselves on providing the very best quality presentations of our clients to possible insurers. These comprehensive documents outline everything there is to know about the business, from its customers and premises to its financial position and day-to-day activities.

From this information, we then outline the exact insurance cover required, including individual clauses.

By providing possible insurers with these details, we eradicate any non-disclosure of material fact and, as a consequence, stand the best chance of securing the cover you need that will safeguard your business and people. Without going to the nth degree to outline very aspect of a business, insurers are non-the-wiser and therefore the risk of paying for inadequate cover is heightened.

Obviously, the presentations we produce are discussed at length with the business and remain strictly confidential.

Due to our meticulous approach to attention to detail, more and more businesses are seeking our rail specialist advice to ensure they secure the most cost-effective and specific insurance and remove that worry that their current broker gives them because they do not understand the industry as we do.

If you would like specialist rail insurance which provides specifically tailored cover at more competitive pricing from specialist rail insurers please contact us.

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Safe Work Leaders: means changes for insurance for rail contractors


The railway industry is changing. With Network Rail’s new Code of Practice for Planning and Delivering Safe Work, there has been an industry wide review of how to manage rail construction sites safely.

The new OHS/133 practice is now operational on the Midland Main line and is being phased on progressively across various rail routes with a view to a nationwide switchover next year.

The increased emphasis on safety can only be good for an industry with an excellent safety record when compared to European railways.

However, that safety drive will only be successful if accidents are reported more consistently, investigated more thoroughly and lessons learned to mitigate reoccurrence.

As part of the new safety procedures, Network Rail introduced a Safe Work Leader (SWL) competence to simplify the hierarchical work site team and make clear who is in charge of safety.


So, what is a SWL?

A SWL is a person accountable for the safe delivery of work within a work site, ensuring that risks associated with both the work site and the task are appropriately managed. A SWL’s role includes involvement in the planning process for work they undertake, and they will have a key role in deciding whether any late changes to the plan can be accepted. It is hoped by having SWLs in place on work sites it will increase the frequency of incident and close call reporting, driving up safety standards in the industry.


The introduction of this new role means fewer people new SWL competence compared to the number that required the Controller of Site Safety (COSS) competence.

According to Network Rail, the changes highlighted in the December 2015 Rule Book will deliver the following benefits:

– New electronic maps of the national rail network contain the local hazard details needed for an effective safety briefing. For example, lineside equipment, difficulties encountered on

previous works at that site, line speeds, signal numbers, location of red zone prohibited areas

etc. The new maps will enable better site safety briefings.

– The new electronic permit to work system is simpler and more concise than existing paperwork. It will enable more effective safety briefings. For the first time Network Rail will have real time visibility of all the work which is taking place on the railway infrastructure and the interaction between these work sites.

– The new permit contains a risk assessment for both operational and task risks. This makes sure that Network Rail puts in place effective risk controls before starting work.

– The new role of SWL puts a single person in overall charge of both task and safety issues. It avoids the possibility for confusion or mixed accountabilities. The new maps and permits provide the SWL with the tools which are needed to do this important job. Specific changes to the role will include a sole and greater responsibility for the safety of the work site, and inclusion in the planning stage of works.

The SWL can only be employed by Network Rail, a Principle Contractor (PCL License holder) or Rail Contractors Certificate holder (RCC). This has led some tier 2 rail contractors to become accredited PCLs and RCCs with their own SWLs.

Keven Parker, Rail Director at Jobson James Rail picks up the story. “A newly accredited RCC holder with SWL site managers will now be responsible for the safety of all contractors working in the area of their responsibility even though those contractors may have no contractual relationship with the PCL/RCC.  This is a material fact that must be disclosed to the PCL/RCC insurers so they understand the effect of the new Network Rail Code of Practice but it is seen as a positive highlighting the quality of the rail contractor to attain such an accreditation.”

Jobson James Rail are a rail specialist insurance broker that understands the rail industry and how to professionally present rail companies to insurers to elicit more competitive terms.

Keven advises “We act for RIA, the PWI, ROSCOs and a large number of rail contractor companies working on the Pway and in the cess. We found that other brokers have little or no understanding of how safety has improved in the maintenance and management of railway infrastructure or even railway language. Rail companies are investing heavily in safety, training and competencies and that investment is not being highlighted by brokers to insurers due to a lack of broker knowledge”.

The insurance market is changing also. There are now more insurers starting to understand that the safety record on the railway is actually better than the main construction industry in many areas and that they can make a profit from insuring safe railway contractors who have few or no accidents at work.

Parker states “our specialist knowledge and our risk analysis approach brings an average saving of 20-30% off premiums but we also try to provide a better service also through good advice on a range of health and safety matters and contract checking or onerous liability clauses. When rail clients have injury claims, we manage them very tightly through our in house barrister to ensure that they are settled quickly if the company was at fault or defended if negligence did not attach.”

Like any safety certificate, accreditation or process, an SWL qualification is seen by insurers as a valuable indication of the quality of a business and can assist to secure cost-effective insurances if the broker has the rail knowledge to present the company correctly to insurers.

Jobson James Rail have offices in London and Birmingham but have clients nationwide from Scotland to the South Coast. Contact Keven on 07816 283949.

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Knowledge is key to securing the right cover at the most competitive price

ipost01In an industry that is scrutinised to the nth degree, rail companies have needed to invest heavily in health and safety and training and yet the details of those investments seem to be rarely discussed in the negotiation of their insurance programmes.

The rail industry is often perceived as a minefield for insurers not knowledgeable in the way it works, leading to high premiums and gaps in cover that can threaten a business.

Businesses invest thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours into gaining safety accreditations and certificates as well implement the most stringent of safety regulations for their workers to abide by – investments that should be used to put insurers at ease over how those risks are managed.

Understanding the intricacies of the industry, its risks and the actions taken by businesses to mitigate them is essential to finding the best possible insurance package.

At Jobson James Rail, we pride ourselves on the knowledge of our employees. I am NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) and Chartered Insurance Broker qualified so I can assess a company’s risk in detail and work with them to ensure that their WPPs and RAMS are legally robust to help defend future injury claims.

I am able to utilise my knowledge and highlight rail safety accreditations, certificates, regulations and safety records to insurers to put them at ease about the perceived risks associated with the railways and secure the most cost-effective terms.

I invest more time than other brokers to ensure insurers have a thorough understanding of the rail business and personally handle the entire process, from initial contact, drafting of presentations through to full claims handling service. The personal touch I am able to offer allows me to get under the skin of a business, understand how it works and put forward the strongest possible case to insurers.

The insurance market is about showcasing how you mitigate risks extremely well rather than dwelling on how high those risks are.

At Jobson James Rail, our service offering goes far beyond simply securing the best possible insurance package, however. We are experts in managing claims, counterclaims and protecting a business and its contractual liabilities.

Our claims team is headed up by a qualified barrister to ensure our customers feel confident the entire process is properly managed.

Typically, a client will require cover for assets such as rolling stock, premises, machinery, tools, stock and materials as well as statutory risks like employers’ liability and third-party liability. They may also require professional indemnity insurance, which covers customer’s financial loss claims arising from negligent advice.

More and more businesses are seeking our rail specialist advice to ensure they secure the most cost-effective and specific insurance and remove that worry that their current broker gives them because they do not understand the industry as we do. Jobson James Rail is the solution they have been looking for. If you would like specialist rail insurance which provides specifically tailored cover at more competitive pricing from specialist rail insurers please contact us.

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