Reputation Risk was brought to the fore again yesterday with the news that Indesit has been forced to roll out a major national repair and upgrade programme .  It discovered faults with two of its tumble dryers that could result in fire.  The faults could lead to
Earlier this month, Lidl was forced to recall its Italiamo Italian Chicken Thighs due to an incorrect ‘use by’ date.  That followed on from Asda having to recall its Buttery Spread at the beginning of the month.  It was feared it contained pieces of clear, hard plastic.
These two cases illustrate the need to ensure your company is not exposed to ‘unforeseen’ risks, issues – and potential fines..  The Food and Drink industry, in particular, is under the microscope.  A whole new wave of legislation is being introduced with regard to food labelling.
You never know when Business Continuity and Revenue Protection might come in handy.  The dangers of adverse publicity should never be under estimated.
Dangerous food. Food wrapped in crime scene tape.

Reputation risk.  Out of date food.