Non-profit charities area at the heart of our communities throughout the United Kingdom, and Jobson James has been asked the question – Do charities need charity event insurance?

The answer is quite simply, yes – your charity cannot afford to operate without insurance.  A most common mistake charities make is to think they are exempt from potential cases against them, so do not operate your charity without charity insurance.  Protect your good name, your reputation, and the services you provide, with insurance.

Your organisation is not immune from legal cases against you. The survival of your charity depends on how well you protect your business, your volunteers, and your staff. You should look into getting separate insurance policies.  A generic insurance policy may well not be sufficient.Your organisation cannot afford to operate without charity insurance.

Jobson James understand that that in the current economic climate, charities, not-for-profit and care organisations need cost effective solutions for charity event insurance programmes and trustees liability and every penny of expenditure has to be evaluated and justified. Our Charity & Care Division will look in detail at the areas of risk to which you are exposed, the insurance protection you need and the cost of that protection.

We would be happy to fulfil all your charity insurance needs, including trustee liability, fundraising insurance.  Call us to find how we can help your organisation – see more at: Charities and Public Sector.

You can call the Jobson James Charity insurance team in Birmingham on 0121 452 8450, the London office on 0207 983 9039, or the Leominster office on 01568 313 313.