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insurance brokers Birmingham, insurance brokers London, risk management insurance brokers Birmingham, insurance brokers London, risk management insurance brokers Birmingham, insurance brokers London, risk management
Birmingham: + 44 (0) 121 452 8450
London: + 44 (0) 207 983 9039
Leominster: + 44 (0) 156 831 3313
Kidderminster: + 44 (0) 1562 215215
Dudley: +44 (0) 1384 900500
Leicester + 44 (0) 116 303 3372

Property Investment in the West Midlands

Property investment in the West Midlands continues to increase. The latest figures show that in 2015, investment in commercial property totalled £2.66 billion in the West Midlands. The office sector led the way with £822 million. The retail sector also had a good year with £744 million. Major deals included the sale of the NEC and Colmore Plaza.

The outlook for 2016 remains positive. Birmingham continues to attract considerable interest from businesses and overseas investors. It offers excellent value for money, especially when compared to London. It really is a vibrant business centre that is going from strength to strength with continued inward investment.

Real Estate is a core part of our business. At Jobson James Insurance Brokers we have extensive experience in, and knowledge of, the West Midlands property market. Whether you are an institutional investor, or a private landlord, we can provide effective insurance solutions for you.

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Emotional Stress of Cyber Attacks

The emotional stress of cyber attacks is an area all too often overlooked.  This is particularly the case for SMEs.  SMEs are harder hit by cyber attacks than larger firms because they tend to have more personal relationships with their clients, customers and suppliers.  The risks to their reputation in many cases far outweigh any monetary issues.
The most commonly discussed financial cost relating to a cyber attack and loss of data is the potential fine from the Information Office Commissioner. While not downplaying this, we would argue that the real financial issues for SMEs lie elsewhere.  The loss of a client’s relationship and details about products and services lost could cause far greater emotional stress.
So, if an SME is hacked, or loses client data, the claim for emotional distress could be far higher.
Cyber security is a major concern for small businesses.  Many openly admit that they are worried about data hacking.  The ramifications of this could, potentially, run far deeper than may initially seem the case.
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Cyber Threats

Cyber threats are set to increase in 2016. These include card fraud and cyber risk in the board room. Emerging technologies and criminal techniques will pose new threats in 2016 and beyond. Indeed BAE Systems has made 3 stark predictions:

– While there will be a significant reduction in credit and debit cards being cloned, fraudsters will merely migrate to other methods of conning people.

– Consumers and businesses should be aware of the increased risk they face from cyber attacks as the Internet of Things continues to grow in prominence.

– Cyber security will move from being viewed as an IT issue. It will, and must, become an important consideration for the entire company. This includes supply chains, contractors and other third parties who may provide access points for cyber attacks.

2016 will see evolution in the field of cyber security. New technologies and techniques will be developed while the criminals will seek new means of attack.

Businesses should not bury their heads in the sand and hope the threat will go away. It won’t – and the need to protect yourself is growing ever greater.

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Rail Insurance Specialists

Rail insurance specialists are few and far between.  That is a fact.  Jobson James is one of the few insurance brokers in the UK that is run by rail people for rail people.  It sounds simple – but it is true.

We would say this wouldn’t we.  However, the risk of using an insurance provider with limited, or no, rail experience is perhaps best illustrated in this sad, but totally true, anecdote that came to us recently.

The business was a single employee one.  He had worked in the rail industry for over 20 years working directly for a national rail company and principle contractors.  His corporate insurance was provided by a company with foundations in the Agricultural sector.

The individual was hurt on a rail contract site.  As the business was his own limited company, he could not make a liability claim against the employer.  He was also unable to make a claim against the contractor who awarded him the work as the insurance cover secured was inadequate.

Due to lack of rail context and understanding, his insurance company had failed to explain the detail of the Public liability insurance to him.  They also failed to identify that he should have had Personal Accident Cover due to the nature of his business.

After a decade of worry and litigation, the claimant has unfortunately learned at first hand, and the hard way, the importance of using a rail insurance specialist.

At Jobson James, we demonstrate our expertise and capability through our strong, dedicated track record and our RISQS accredited services.  We know the industry and we know its challenges.  We do not use ‘off the shelf’ packages or quote based on a standard data set of company information.

Make sure you are not running unknown risks on a daily basis due to inadequate cover for the nature of your work.




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Rail Live

‘Rail Live’ is rapidly becoming a key date in the rail industry calendar.  This year, over 160 exhibitors gathered at Long Marsden in Warwickshire to show off their latest products, equipment and services.

The difference with this exhibition is that, as the name implies, everything is done in a ‘live’ environment. There are a number of live ‘on track’ demonstrations from all disciplines within the rail sector.

Visitors come from both the UK and overseas.  They include representatives from ROSCO to infrastructure contractors and technology providers to plant operators.  The range of organisations at Rail Live 2015 was truly multi-disciplinary.

Rail has been a real growth area for Jobson James in recent years.  We now work commercially with nearly 100 companies, spanning a wide range of activities within the rail sector. Our success is down to our understanding of the rail industry.  We are rail enthusiasts and so can help, with authority, organisations manage their risks.  We also reduce insurance premiums through our pro-active management approach.

Jobson James Rail Live 2015Track maintenance


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Food Safety Offences

Food safety offences have, for the first time, been included in the food sentencing guidelines.  As a direct result, fines are to set to soar to eye-watering levels.  These potentially significantly higher penalties will be headline grabbing and have a serious impact on profitability and investment.  What was a £160,000 fine, could now be £1.6 million.

Exactly where the fine will sit within the range will depend on the mitigating and aggravating features – and this is where you and your insurance broker can work together.

Chief among the aggravating features is a poor health and safety record.  Here, an insurance broker should provide regular claims reviews throughout the year to identify trends and agree measures to put in place.  Such actions will enable you to clearly demonstrate what measures have been taken to improve your safety record and that you take this whole area seriously.

Cost cutting at the expense of safety is another area that will be frowned upon. An insurance audit should look closely at your health and safety policy to support their presentation to insurers. Insurers support with health and safety could supplement the cost of your own programme.

Refusal of free advice or training will also come under the microscope.  At Jobson James, we will share with you details of free training you can tap into via our involvement with IOSH,BFFF,BSB,BFBi and other trade associations.  We also place insurance with partners in the industry who provide free training or advice.

On a positive note, if you can evidence steps you have voluntarily taken to remedy a problem, that will be looked kindly upon.  For example, if you have cover for product recall, crisis containment and/or brand protection you are clearly demonstrating your recognition of the possible seriousness of the issue.

The message in the guidelines is clear – ‘the fine must be sufficiently substantial to have a real economic impact which will bring home to both management and shareholders the need to comply with health and safety legislation.’

Companies need to start taking this very seriously.  Indeed, never has it been more important that your Health & Safety policy is not only watertight but positively glistens.

If we can help in any way, please call Dean Smith, ACII Chartered Insurance Broker, on 07551 156 810 or e mail me at


Dangerous food. Food wrapped in crime scene tape.

Dangerous food. Food wrapped in crime scene tape.

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What You Need to Know about Corporate Insurance

A large benefit of a corporation is the individual’s limited liability for business debts.

Although, this protection does come with limits. Corporation directors, officers and employees can each be held accountable and financially liable for personal actions.

There are several types of corporate insurance, otherwise known as business insurance, will protect individuals who are involved in the company and the corporation itself.

General liability

This insurance protects corporations against any claims that are made of negligence against company representatives, products and services. General liability commonly covers legal claims due to an accident or an injury. The insurance policy will pay for any costs incurred from bodily injury, medical expenses, property damage, or slander.

Property insurance

As expected, property insurance covers the loss and/or damage of the company’s property after events involving vandalism, civil disobedience, storm, fire or smoke. There are corporations that do not own valuable buildings and equipment should consider an investment in property insurance. Many property insurance policies define property to also include any loss of income, papers, money and business interruption.

Professional liability

Professional liability insurance, otherwise known as errors and omissions insurance, protects a company against claims from clients of malpractice, negligence and errors. Essentially, the concept is comparable to general liability insurance, claims of negligently performing professional services are excluded from general liability policies.

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Cyber Security

Cyber security hits are on the rise.  Witness the recent high profile attacks on Talk Talk and Ashley Madison.  Both these incidents demonstrated how even large companies are not immune to hacking. To tackle this alarming threat, George Osborne has laid out plans for an additional £1.9 billion cyber investment.  This means that the UK is set to double the amount it spends on cyber security over the next five years. Such a move is welcome as speculation is rife that terrorist groups such as ISIS are looking to launch cyber attacks.  These attacks are highly complex and it is extremely hard for organisations to respond.

IT security is big business and, as more of our lives moves online, securing data is only going to get harder and more important. At Jobson James we are experiencing increasing demand for our specialism in this area.  The message to business is clear – ignore cyber risk at your peril’.

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Reputation Risk

Reputation Risk was brought to the fore again yesterday with the news that Indesit has been forced to roll out a major national repair and upgrade programme .  It discovered faults with two of its tumble dryers that could result in fire.  The faults could lead to
Earlier this month, Lidl was forced to recall its Italiamo Italian Chicken Thighs due to an incorrect ‘use by’ date.  That followed on from Asda having to recall its Buttery Spread at the beginning of the month.  It was feared it contained pieces of clear, hard plastic.
These two cases illustrate the need to ensure your company is not exposed to ‘unforeseen’ risks, issues – and potential fines..  The Food and Drink industry, in particular, is under the microscope.  A whole new wave of legislation is being introduced with regard to food labelling.
You never know when Business Continuity and Revenue Protection might come in handy.  The dangers of adverse publicity should never be under estimated.
Dangerous food. Food wrapped in crime scene tape.

Reputation risk.  Out of date food.

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Prospering rail businesses looking to specialist broker Jobson James Rail for assurance with insurance

Many rail companies are seeing a new dawn for the UK’s railway industry, one lined with equal amounts of opportunity and risk.

That opportunity however needs to be correctly insured with right cover and rail infrastructure businesses are recognising the need for specialist rail insurance knowledge.

Insurance broker Jobson James Rail has seen a surge in companies looking for insurance packages tailored to meet their needs; reducing their premiums while ensuring the best possible cover from a broker that really understands the rail industry and the specific risks they face.

“There is recognition now that specialist and bespoke insurance packages are vitally important as more and more work becomes available to businesses operating in the rail industry, Keven Parker, director of Jobson James Rail, said.

“In years gone by companies have taken their insurance premiums at face value and simply accepted that the outlay is higher due to the nature of the works they undertake. Now, they are beginning to wake up and see that insurance is a key investment to be carefully assessed on a bespoke basis rather than a routine expense for an off the shelf product.”

Through Keven’s rail industry experience, Jobson James is able to secure the best possible insurance package for rail businesses by understanding the very specific rail risks associated with the works each of them carry out.

This knowledge and understanding is often foreign to the larger, more mainstream insurance providers, leading to higher than necessary premiums and cover with critical exclusions.

Jobson James Rail writes a bespoke presentation about every client to put forward the best possible case to insurance providers in order to secure the most cost-effective cover for its client. It has saved more than £100,000 on annual premiums for some of its clients.

The demand for Jobson James Rail’s services is highlighted by the rate at which it is winning work. At the time of writing it had just secured seven new clients in the last 7 working days ranging from rail trade associations to rail civil engineering companies with more on the horizon.

Keven said: “We are here to fill the void between rail businesses and insurers to ultimately ensure that not just the improvement of safety standards across the industry is recognised but also the ongoing investment rail companies have made in safety and training and this should lead to lower premiums.

“On numerous occasions I have seen healthy and sustainable businesses hurt due to the fact they did not have adequate insurance cover or they did not have access to a claims specialist by us to help them challenge and defend injury claims and protect their claims record when the accident may not have been their fault.

“Times are definitely changing. We are seeing an upturn in investment in the UK’s railways and with that comes more opportunities for rail businesses to prosper. Safeguarding that prosperity is where we can help and keep their insurance costs low and left the rail companies management team to grow their business in the knowledge that they have a rail expert insurance broker managing the risk and insurance relationship professionally .”

Jobson_James_Prospering Rail Businesses_Pic

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