Do you know what you should be checking for when installing solar panels? The installation of them may affect your building insurance policies, so it’s important to asks some key questions before installing them.

With the amount of solar power systems predicted to increase by 2027 it’s important to understand how these systems may affect building policies for both domestic and commercial dwellings.
Do you know what you should be checking for when installing solar panels? It’s important to ask some key questions before you install them.
  1. Does my chosen vendor have appropriately qualified persons responsible for the PV system design, installation and operation?
  2. Does the proposed location of the PV system increase fire risks ( spread on a combustible roof) or introduce problems with structural load?
  3. Where are the potential ignition sources and how can ignition be prevented?
  4. Are electrical wiring practices adequate to prevent shorts or other sources of ignition?
  5. During the operation phase, how will I monitor, inspect, test and maintain the PV system?
  6. What measures does my system include to detect electrical faults or fires?
  7. How might a fire spread and can the fire be contained?
  8. What should my emergency response plan include should a fire occur?
  9. What information do I need to provide to help fire fighters deal with the fire?
  10. How would a damaged or faulty item of equipment or PV module be replaced?
If you own the property, you should ask about any PV systems. These systems may also alter the value of the property – leaving you at risk of underinsurance. Make sure you double check during design, installation and operation to mitigate any fault/fire emergency responses.